Owners of recently installed systems are eligible to claim STCs themselves, provided the recent installation has been signed off by a CEC accredited installer. The process for claiming as an individual (a non commercial entity) is slightly longer but just as simple as it is for those with ongoing trade requirements. A homeowner needs to ensure the following information has been obtained and is compliant with guidelines set by the Clean Energy Regulator.

More specifically the following information is needed.

1) STC form – assigned to Emerging Energy Solutions (download)

2) Panel Serial Numbers – copies are required for each panel installed.

3) Certificate of Electrical Safety / Compliance – issued by the installer on completion.

Once we have received these forms, all data is checked and complies with our internal guidelines, we will submit details of the job to the Clean Energy Regulator for approval. Approvals normally take around 4 weeks and once approval is confirmed Emerging Energy will transfer funds on the next settlement day.

Pricing for homeowners is set at the advertised rate on the date of submission.

Please email all jobs to or alternatively call us direct on 1300 703 508 to discuss further.