Besides leading the market in pricing and a continuing to provide on time and accurate settlement times, emerging energy proudly offers the following to all our valued clients.

Emerging Energy was established from a genuine belief in responsible business practice and concerns over the Environment. We operate in Australia’s energy industry and, although optimistic about the future, believe in a better approach – particularly with how we generate electricity for society. It is no secret that we are advocates of clean, renewable sources of energy and will continue to encourage Australia to invest in new technologies, transitioning away from our dependance on Fossil Fuels.


  • We are focused on reaching the minimum Renewable Energy target for Australia, which will see 20% of our nations power derived from clean sources be it large or small scale. This is a must.
  • We encourage and promote the transition away from Fossil Fuels, reducing the carbon abated into the atmosphere as a result of burning. Clean, renewable technology¬†is¬†the simple answer to this.
  • We believe in long term, sustainable business practice that doesn’t harm our natural and social environments. Organisations and the people who form them have this responsibility.

Beyond this, Emerging Energy and its staff engage in many practices around the office that strengthen these values. From fund raising events to charity drives, recycling programs and involvement with community based groups we have grown into an honest organisation that believes in doing good business.