Commercial Installations

Emerging Energy has positioned its self as an industry leader when it comes to processing STCs for commercial installations.

As we find the commercial sector lean more and more towards renewable energy, it is important that your STC aggregator be in line with the constantly changing and complex framework for larger commercial applications.

Emerging Energy considers its self an industry leader in dealing with commercial installations, having a very impressive track record under its belt with some of the largest commercial installations being created by our expert team.

A commercial installation typically is any installation not carried out on a residential property. Generally these installations are more complex, with additional requirements set by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER).

There is no minimum size for a commercial system to claim STCs, however the maximum rated output is capped at 100kW. Anything over 100kW is considered to be a power plant, falling under the category of LGC’s. For more information on LGC’s please click here.

As power prices continue to increase, and renewable technology becomes more affordable, the transition to renewable energy in the SME market continues to gain momentum. Please contact Emerging Energy to ensure you keep up to date with industry best practice and requirements, and maintain your competitive edge.