Emerging Energy – Price Hedging

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Posted: 23/03/15

Emerging Energy – Price Hedging

During these times of uncertainty, we realise it can be difficult remaining competitive with an STC value that is continuously shifting. As such, Emerging Energy is committed to working with our clients and offering more certainty where possible. Price hedging is an option that allows you to lock in an agreed value of your STC’s for a certain timeframe. We will analyse the market closely over the short term and provide you with a competitive market value, guaranteed for a period that leaves you with more peace of mind.

Hedging protects your business from any market fluctuations and reduces your risk when putting packages together for customers. It is a common approach to trading RECs in times of volatility and one popular for commercial installations, given the volume of certificates eligible to claim on these installations.

Speak to us today about how we can help facilitate a competitive price for your STC’s, over a period that works best for your business.