Besides leading the market in pricing and a continuing to provide on time and accurate settlement times, emerging energy proudly offers the following to all our valued clients.


Custom Trading Options. Bankable Financial Solutions. Trade With Confidence.

Emerging Energy is an industry specialist specifically catering to Solar Installers, Retailers and Wholesalers. With our diverse range of trade options we will tailor a solution that is right for your business requirements. Our clients include some of the largest retailers , individual installers and national wholesalers.

Our trade options include Aggregation ( fast payment for a fixed agreed price ) great for constant and reliable cashflow, Commercial Settlements – options that include 100% advance payment or staggered payments which will attract a higher rate, and STC Trading on CER approval ( only available via Greenbot Installers Portal) that allows you to process your own STCs and trade them on the open market when the price suits you. Once approved, get paid on the same day.

Emerging Energy is the largest trader of environmental commodities – so we also buy any parcel of preregistered commodities at wholesale rates ( we dont charge any brokerage fees ) and we offer same day settlement as standard. There is no counterparty risk as we dont match you with an undisclosed third party. Simply contact us for a price, we send out a trade confirmation, send it back with a tax invoice and make the transfer of the relevant certificate and we will make payment on the same day.

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Centred around the Renewable Energy Target that enforces 20% of Australia‚Äôs Energy generation to come from clean energy by the year 2020, the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) works in conjunction with the…

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Our new trading platform has been designed with you in mind. A simple and seamless method for generating and submitted trade documents, Formbot will integrate with your operations for a streamlined system of STC trades.

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Large-Scale projects are classified as any solar installation over 100kWs, Wind installations over 10kWs and Hydro installation over 6.4kWs. For every 1 Megawatt Hour (MWh) of renewable electricity generated by the…

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The Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) is a statewide government initiative established to promote and encourage energy saving activities for both home owners and commercial entities.

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