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Besides leading the market in pricing and a continuing to provide on time and accurate settlement times, emerging energy proudly offers the following to all our valued clients.


Australia has a wealth of natural resources that all assist in the generation of electricity for our national grid.

Australia has a wealth of natural resources, all of which contribute to powering our nation. From clear, sunny days to strong wind zones and reliable undersea currents, we are fortunate to live in an environment perfect for clean, renewable methods of power generation.

Still very much in their infancy, these technologies are emerging rapidly. Developed on the back of a need to transition away from carbon intensive fossil fuels, renewable forms of energy are considered long term, sustainable resources for energy production.

Like all forms of energy, renewables receive support in the form of subsidies supported by government at both state and federal levels. These subsidies mainly come as tradable certificates and are produced in various ways depending on the type of investment made.

A variety of government agencies exist to regulate and support the various schemes, each implementing regulations and methods for trade. These stakeholders play a crucial role in managing legislation that underpins and supports the industry.

Businesses that omit carbon into our fragile atmosphere are forced to purchase (surrender) these certificates through market based transactions, bringing down prices for consumers and ensuring to long investment in clean energy.

Emerging Energy acts as an medium between the those who create renewable energy certificates (more commonly known as RECs) and those who are liable to purchase them. We have a strong portfolio of clients on both sides of the transaction and work closely to ensure the trade process is efficiently undertaken.


Centred around the Renewable Energy Target that enforces 20% of Australia’s Energy generation to come from clean energy by the year 2020, the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) works in conjunction with the…

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The Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) is a statewide government initiative established to promote and encourage energy saving activities for both home owners and commercial entities.

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Large-Scale projects are classified as any solar installation over 100kWs, Wind installations over 10kWs and Hydro installation over 6.4kWs. For every 1 Megawatt Hour (MWh) of renewable electricity generated by the…

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The Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs) that underpin energy efficiency in New South Wales are awarded for approved schemes geared towards power saving initiatives.

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