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With over five years market experience trading in commodities, Emerging Energy has grown to become one of Australia’s largest, most trusted creators of renewable energy certificates and other environmental credits shaping the future of Australia’s energy.


As both aggregators and spot traders we offer pricing on a range of parcels with a variety of settlement terms. For a custom solution that best works for you contact us direct today. Alternatively we offer the following pricing as standard;



48 Hour Payment.



Same Day Settlement.

Emerging Energy,
Experts in Environmental Commodities.


We make the entire process from pricing to registration,
trade and settlement simple and quick.

Specialising in Small and Large Scale Certificates (STCs and LGCs), Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs), Energy Saver Certificates (ESCs) along with other emerging markets we are a company dedicated to the future of clean energy in Australia.

Emerging Energy works closely with our partners to accommodate the best solutions for trade pricing and settlement times.

With over 5 years market experience in domestic, small to medium commercial and large scale projects, our trade team works closely with industry stakeholders to ensure the process from start to finish is handled accurately and on time.

Our long term vision is one that sees Australia embrace a strong and diverse energy mix with Renewables comprising a large majority of the market. We are a company at the forefront of environmental commodity trading and work hard to facilitate an overall reduction in C02 emissions for the betterment of the environment.

We advocate a long-term and sustainable approach to energy, one that respects our natural environment and the understands the benefits of clean energy.

We can customise a plan that suits your business and ensures the best market prices matched with fast settlement times. So call us today and speak to a member of our team about the best trade options available on the market.

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Whether you’re a business or a homeowner we have a range of pricing options designed to suit your recent installation.

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Unsure about how many STCs you can claim? Follow this link for more info

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Stay updated as we analyse the REC market and discuss all the latest industry news and events from around Australia.


An STC trader and aggregator like no other. At Emerging Energy, we understand all of our clients have individual needs. Our Strength lies in our experience dealing with the STC process from start to finish.